For Every Season

Eccl 3:5 a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing

A time to paint, a time to cease painting

For 7 weeks, my husband and I homeschooled and nurtured our two grandchildren, ages 4 and 7, while their mother recovered from Covid 19 and both parents worked from home in New Orleans.

It was a time to cease painting.

Instead it was a time to experience, a time to collect memories to store away for future paintings.

A time to record photos of children living their lives

Riding bikes

Gathering rocks

Running through wildflowers and muddy puddles

Fishing, cooking, coloring, reading, learning, watching, praying, loving.

Now a time to rest, and a time to paint.


So I’ll sort through my reference pictures, color notes, conjure up my feelings, load a brush. A Time to paint.

“My Name is Jujuanna Hotard!!!” by Susan Hotard
15″ x 30″ – Oil on canvas

“Elizabeth Lucille” by Susan Hotard
Oil on linen panel – 8″ x 10”

“Julianna in the Light” by Susan Hotard
Oil on linen panel – 11″ x 14”

I was flattered that my little granddaughter copied my paintings displayed in our house.

The vertical piece is a portrait I did of her when she was almost two years old entitled “My Name is Julianna Hotard!!!”, oil on canvas, 15x 30”.

The cat painting is “Elizabeth Lucille”, 8×10”, oil on linen panel.

The portrait of a young girl is entitled “Julianna in the Light”, 11×14”, oil on linen panel.

All the crayon drawings were done by 7 year old Julianna Hotard.

Wishing all of you and your loved ones good health and safety!

Susan Hotard OPA, AIS, NOAPS

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