2014 Spring Online Showcase Winners Spotlight

The OPA Spring 2014 Online Showcase was held from March 1 to May 17, 2014, open to Associate members only and awarding $5,000 in cash awards. The Online Showcase runs three times each year and is completely digital competition held at www.opaonlineshowcase.com for only $14 per entry, with no limit to the number of entries allowed.

These award comments are thanks to our Spring Online Showcase judge, OPA Signature member Tim Deibler.

The Summer 2014 Online Showcase runs from June 1 to August 15, 2014 and is open to OPA Associate members. Enter Today!

First Place

by Tina Garrett
24 x 20 Oil

First Place Tina Garrett “Gaze”
This work caught my attention the first moment I saw it on the monitor. The expression “one in a million” kind of describes my feelings for this piece. The artist’s skill in portraying this rather unusual subject is nothing short of masterful. This has been painted as the eye would see it rather than how a camera would see it. The most intense color and sharpest details are on the face. The more you move from this area the less obvious things become. The accuracy and delicacy of the floral pattern is still distinct, but does not compete with the face or the frame. The background has totally gone out of focus making the figure even more dimensional giving it the feeling of existing in real space. The drawing is impeccable, the edges amazing and the color harmonies are beautiful.

Second Place

Global 1200
by Robert Christian Hemme
9 x 12 Oil

Second Place Robert Hemme “Global 1200”
I found this painting totally fascinating and returned to it over and over. The artist’s sensitivity to form and light combined with the very careful use of values and edges makes this an amazing piece. The limited use of color makes the sense of atmosphere so strong that I feel like I am there observing the scene. Because of the careful use of values and temperatures, all of the little railings and details give reality and dimension to the scene without distracting from the larger shapes

Third Place

“Stepping Out”
by Nancy Boren
20 x 16 Oil

Third Place Nancy Boren “Stepping Out”
The various textures and the strong sense of light and shadow are what I really admire in this piece. The artist has created a visual experience that almost rivals reality. The mane feels like it has just been combed and braided, I can feel the various textures in the head piece that has just been tied on. The leather bridle, the abstracted and unfinished ground and of course the warm sunlight. The exceptional drawing and the energetic brushstrokes literally transports me to the scene, I feel the sun, I can run my fingers through the mane and I hear the surrounding sounds.

Honorable Mention

America’s Cup
by Christina Grace Mastrangelo
30″ x 50″ Oil

Honorable Mention Christina Mastrangelo “America’s Cup”
My favorite part of this painting is the artist’s amazing ability to guide us through the scene through the use of white. The white sails, the white stripes of the flag, the white candle and finally the white book. The shallow depth of field, the careful use of hard edges, limited color range, accurate drawing and almost theatrical lighting make this a very powerful painting.  It is her careful use of values and temperatures that makes this piece worth serious study. What color is white you may ask?

Honorable Mention

by Doohong Min
30 x 24 Oil

Honorable Mention Doohong Min “Brunch”
This painting is all about mood. It creates a sense of warmth and intimacy. The softness of the edges, the backlighting of the figure, the subtle and beautiful blue and orange color harmonies create this feeling. The artist’s sensitivity is wonderfully conveyed in a very personal way.

Honorable Mention

by Loretta Fasan
24″ x 30″ Oil

Honorable Mention Loretta Fasan “Costume”
This painting has a real WOW factor to it. This painting radiates with light and warmth. I love the beautiful and delicate way the face is treated. The various textures that surround the face add excitement to the work but does not over shadow the beauty and sensitivity of the portrait. The sense of design, the rich fiery color and the skill of the artist make this one of the most unforgettable images I’ve ever seen.

Honorable Mention

“Pueblo Pot”
by Michael DeVore
24″ x 24″ Oil

Honorable Mention Michael DeVore “Pueblo Pot”
The simplicity of the design along with the beautiful drawing and value arrangement caught my attention on this piece. What the artist has created feels so real and natural, that I believe I could walk around the corner and see it. It doesn’t feel forced, contrived or staged. The colors harmonize, the pottery has weight and dimension, the whites are different and beautifully painted. The artist has skillfully created a sense of reality on the canvas using a bare minimum of shapes, values and colors.

Honorable Mention

“After The Storm”
by Karen Blackwood
18″ x 24″ Oil

Honorable Mention Karen Blackwood “After The Storm”
Once again this artist has managed to transport me from my home in Colorado to the ocean. Through the controlled use of shapes, values, minimal color and edges, the artist has created a scene so real and vivid that I want to go and get a jacket. With only a few mid values and a single dark mass, this piece is basically a symphony in white. The control of values and temperatures in the white and the use of soft edges make this a piece I will be personally studying for a long time.

Honorable Mention

“Peter Devine”
by Scott Johnston
30- x 24- Oil

Honorable Mention Scott Johnston “Peter Devine”
Another example of impeccable drawing, superb value control and minimal color. This painting is so real and life like that I keep expecting it to start talking to me. The textures of skin, hair, material and paper are all so realistically portrayed that it leaves me speechless.

Honorable Mention

by Vicki Walker
20″ x 16″ Oil

Honorable Mention Vicki Walker “Similarities”
The artist has simply and beautifully captured the innocence of childhood. The blue dress act as the compliment to the child’s reddish orange hair and the orange. The simplicity of the background enhances the simple beauty of the child and her clothing. I like the way the sense of light and shadow has been handled, staying away from strong value contrasts.

Honorable Mention

by Zimou Tan
48 x 72 Oil

Honorable Mention Zimou Tan “Relief”
It would be difficult to find the words to express all of the human emotions that the artist has expressed in this painting. Looking at it from an artistic point, I find the drawing and the arrangements of all the various bodies very intriguing. This complex composition highlights the artist’s drawing and composing skills to the max. The individual expressions, subtle color and tone shifts and superb paint handling make this a truly remarkable painting.

Honorable Mention

“Spring Covering”
by Sergio Roffo
24″ x 36 Oil

Honorable Mention Sergio Roffo “Spring Covering”
This is an excellent example of a painting that is full of light and air. This piece has beautiful color, a wonderful sense of depth through careful value, color and detail gradations. The placement of the rock and the way it is painted leaves no doubt to the focal point of this piece. I was enjoying the sunshine on the rock and water long before I even noticed the town in the background.

Honorable Mention

“Alley Chef – Paris, Artist’s Copy”
by George Bodine
24″ x 36″ Oil

Honorable Mention George Bodine “Alley Chef – Paris, Artist’s Copy”
I really like the originality of this kitchen piece. I actually feel like I am peaking through the window and seeing a chef busily at work. The composition is perfect down to the tiniest detail of the most unimportant article. The artist has created the mood and atmosphere using carefully designed values and shapes.

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