Shirl Smithson Memorial Scholarship Application

Established in 1991, the Oil Painters of America is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of representational art. Oil Painters of America (OPA) offers four $500 scholarships appropriately named after its founding member, Shirl Smithson. The Shirl Smithson Memorial Scholarships are open to all current Associate members.

Scholarships are awarded annually and applications for consideration must be received between August 1 and December 1. Three of the four scholarships are designated for active OPA members and one scholarship is awarded to a part or full-time student currently enrolled in art school or an art related program. (Students need not be OPA members to apply)

Based on a review of the application materials, the scholarship committee will select four OPA members to receive a scholarship based on the quality and strength of the art work submitted and the potential for further development. One scholarship is designated specifically for a student member who is currently enrolled as a full-time student. Applicants will be notified by March 1.

Scholarships must be used to attend a workshop or class in representational oil painting. Award winners must receive approval from Oil Painters of America prior to enrolling or attending a workshop or class. All scholarship funding will be sent directly from OPA to the designated workshop and/or class.

All Associate members are encouraged to apply. Recipients of a scholarship are eligible to apply again.

The Shirl Smithson membership application process is closed until May 1, 2017, when we will begin accepting new applicants. Please check back at that time. Thank you!

If you choose to send your application via mail, please click here.

  • Scholarship Submission Information Submission

    Deadline: Applications must be received by December 1
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
    (Note: if you are not a student please disregard this.)
  • Upload six digital images of your work to DropBox (300 dpi, jpeg preferred)

    DropBox Directions
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    • Please upload your application images to your dropbox account. Be sure to create a new folder for your images and title the folder with your First and Last Name.
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    No time limitation applies to when paintings were created.
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Shirl Smithson Memorial Scholarship Awardees

  • Joyful Enriquez
  • Maria Josenhans
  • Paul Schulenburg
  • Anna Toberman
  • DK Palecek
  • Cassandra Ronning (student)
  • Laurie Snow Hein
  • Ester Wilson
  • Michael Gillespie
  • Denise Imke
  • Kathie Odom
  • Robin Wellner
  • Tina Garrett
  • Chantal Julien
  • Kirk Larsen OPA
  • Rhia Krishmmam Student
  • August Burns
  • Suellen McCrary
  • J. Russell Wells
  • Jason Patrick Jenkins Student
  • Chula Beauregard
  • Christina Body
  • Kim Hill
  • Claire A. Miller Student
  • Tanya Bone
  • Matt Duckett
  • Denise Imke
  • Chris Saper
  • Nancy Boren
  • Diana Moses Botkin
  • Denise Imke
  • Barbara Zanelli Student
  • Jeffrey A. Love
  • Cathy Priest
  • Kathie Wheeler
  • Kelli Fulsom Student
  • Christine Debrosky
  • Ying Liu
  • Adam Nowak Student
  • Becky Joy
  • Renate Reuter
  • Diane White
  • Patricia Huber
  • Tom Hilscher
  • Katie Stearns
  • Katrina Weber Student
  • Jill Brabant
  • Danny Griego
  • Michael Chesley Johnson
  • Susan Ploughe
  • Scott Boyle
  • Christine Hooker
  • Doug Martin
  • V… Vaughan
  • Margaret Dyer
  • Jane Ford
  • Doug Martin
  • Anne Spoon Student
  • Roberta Remy
  • Ryan Schultz Student
  • Cody DeLong
  • Ryan Shultz