About Alan Wolton OPAM

Born in England (1934), and raised in South Africa, Alan Wolton settled in the American Southwest in 1982. A self-described man of the outdoors, Wolton spends hours “stalking his landscapes and cityscapes” on the US coast, on adventures to new exotic locations, and on return trips to Europe. His canvases are painted in an exhausting burst of energy only after his emotional response to the natural setting has fully developed into a mental image of the finished painting. www.alanwolton.com

Importance of the Canvas

When asked how I paint, what is my approach, I tend to be quiet for a moment. I have no regimen, no rules. Each painting in its process is unique. There is one absolute, however, in every one of my paintings. And that is the power of the ... Read More...

Style vs. Technique

The term “style” with reference to how an artist paints is often misunderstood. I'd say it's similar to an individual's handwriting - an illustration of the personality of the individual, very often expressed unconsciously. An ... Read More...