Sheri Dinardi

Sheri Dinardi makes her home in Jacksonville with her husband Al and the youngest of their three daughters. She draws inspiration from this quaint old town, rich in history with Victorian cottages, and original farms that inspire her to produce paintings that convey a sense of timelessness.  Her interest in art emerged in early childhood. She simply loved to draw. By Junior High, she began painting portraits in pastel. After getting married and having children; she studied oil portrait painting with Richard McKinley and Frank Covino. Years later, after raising their girls she has attended workshops with Dan Gerhartz, Michael Malm, Carolyn Anderson, Sherry McGraw, JoAnn Peralta and many others.

Today, she paints a variety of subjects and is especially drawn to painting young women and children outdoors as well as more intimate indoor works. For settings, what could be lovelier than golden light across a newly harvested wheat field, a fragrant lavender or a rose garden with distant mountains in the horizon? She follows the rhythm of the seasons and aims to capture the fleeting effect of light as it changes throughout the day. I paint with traditional oil paints on linen mounted on a board.