Mary Hubley

Mary Hubley ImageMary Hubley has created art since she could first hold a crayon. As a teenager, Hubley and her artist mother would go on plein air adventures to capture the immediacy of the moment. She became adept at using the white of the paper, laying down background washes, avoiding muddiness, restrained brushstrokes, and painting quickly. Hubley worked as an illustrator for several Philadelphia ad agencies and corporations including 10 years with RCA Corporation, where she illustrated corporate ads, video productions, and magazines. For a while, she painted part time while she pursued corporate life as a book editor for McGraw-Hill Books, an analyst for a Fortune 500 consulting company, and a web designer for her own web company. Also during that time, she illustrated over 20 books and trade magazines. She returned to painting full time several years ago. Hubley currently shows her work in several prominent Southern U.S. galleries, gives painting workshops, and has been included in many private collections worldwide.

Hubley has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia to paint and give workshops. “I keep art journals and photograph all my travels. I explore the world with different angles and unusual compositions.” Travel has broadened Hubley’s story. She has sipped wine at the top of the Peak in Hong Kong and had espresso at outdoor Italian cafes. She has rafted the Canadian Rockies, kayaked in the Everglades, and gotten lost hiking in the Desert South West. Living in the moment and exploring new places has strengthened her art and has injected depth into her work. Travel has brought her an overwhelming desire to go further, explore more, and narrate life more fully through her paintbrush.

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