Jennifer King Logan

For more than 20 years, fine art has been at the center of Jennifer King Logan’s personal and professional life. After many years of studying with Tina Tammaro, she started exhibiting and selling her landscapes done in oil—often en plein air—as well as her photography and jewelry. Jennifer’s long-time “day job” in publishing, which morphed from design into editing and writing and content development, has also been intertwined with fine art for many years. She is honored to have been part of the editorial staff of four major art instruction magazines, including International Artist and The Artist’s Magazine, and to have written articles and blogged for several others. Through these associations, she was blessed with opportunities to collaborate with amazing artists on their art instruction books by editing Dan McCaw’s A Proven Strategy for Creating Great Art, Tom Lynch’s Watercolor Secrets, Ramon Kelley’s The 5 Essentials in Every Powerful Painting, Wende Caporale’s Painting Children’s Portraits in Pastel, Carlton Plummer’s Create Dramatic Coastal Scenes in Watercolor, and C.W. Mundy’s Memoirs: Charles Warren Mundy, American Impressionist.

Somewhere along the way, Jennifer also started sharing what she has learned about fine art marketing through lectures and workshops. When her interest in the fine art business really took off, she decided to do two things. First, to get an insider’s view into the fascinating gallery world, she apprenticed at a fine art gallery where she focused on developing the gallery’s online marketing and promotions. Second, she decided to return to school to earn a master’s degree in marketing. Today she is truly a blend of an entrepreneur’s head for business and an artist’s heart for creating. She brings these diverse pockets of knowledge and range of skills together in a service business for artists, called Connect Artist Marketing, where she acts as a virtual marketing assistant for fellow painters. For more information and to subscribe to her marketing tips newsletter, visit

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