Brian Keeler

Expressing and describing the beauty of light has been the focus of Brian Keeler’s career in painting, which includes landscape, the figure, portraits, still life and allegorical work.  Depicting the “topography of light” is the way he likes to describe this process, as this phrase communicates the way light plays across forms in the mutifaceted expressions of both the light and the subjects.  In a certain sense however, the light actually becomes the subject for Keeler and the scene or depiction takes on a secondary or supporting roll.   He often chooses the “Golden Hour” as the time for portraying the motifs he selects, as this late afternoon or early morning light accentuates the drama of any given scene.  His figurative painting and other genres also incorporate a marvelous appreciation for the way light can reveal the world to us.

Keeler lives and has a studio-gallery in Ithaca, NY- The North Star Art Gallery and he maintains a studio-gallery in his hometown of Wyalusing, PA.  His work is also represented at the West End Gallery in Corning, NY. Keeler  is the author of an instruction book, Dramatic Color in the Landscape and he’s produced several DVD’s on various aspects of painting.  

You may learn more about Keeler and his art at these web sites; http://www.briankeeler.com

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