Fall 2012 OPA Online Showcase Winners

Fall 2012 Online Showcase Screenshot

Fall 2012 Online Showcase Screenshot

We are proud to present to you the Fall 2012 OPA Online Showcase winners. The OPA Online Showcase is a digital exhibition offered in the spring, summer and fall. While some shows are open to both Associate and Signature members, the Fall 2012 OPA Online Showcase only accepted entries from Associate members, giving an addition opportunity for Associate OPA members to enter and win significant awards for the low entry fee of only $14. The best part of this is that members are allowed to enter as many times as they wish, thus increasing their chances of winning.

Prizes for the OPA Online Showcase are made available largely to a generous donation from Dorothy Driehaus Mellin and the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation. These awards typically boast $3,000 in cash for first place, $1,500 for second place and $500 for third place along with 10 honorable mentions.

Judges for the Online Showcase are selected from our Signature members, Master Signature members and other top oil painters in North America. Signature member Kathleen Dunphy was selected as judge for the Fall 2012 show, and has included some excellent comments for each of the paintings entered.

The Spring 2013 OPA Online Showcase will begin accepting entries on March 1, so be sure to enter to win excellent awards. Until then, enjoy the remarkable artwork of your fellow OPA Associate members from the Fall 2012 OPA Online Showcase.

First Place

"Sunshine Breakfast" by Stan Rogers

“Sunshine Breakfast” by Stan Rogers

Sunshine Breakfast by Stan Rogers
16 x 20 Oil

Judge’s Comments: This painting has it all: Great design, accurate drawing without being too tight, energetic brushstrokes, thick and thin paint, wonderful play of color accents amid the grays. Well done! – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA


Second Place

"Cracker Jack" by Craig Pursley

“Cracker Jack” by Craig Pursley

Cracker Jack by Craig Pursley
18 x 18 Oil

Judge’s Comments: To pull off lettering in perspective and make it look accurate and not too distracting..what a feat! The red leads you right to the center of interest, a beautifully painted portrait, but your eye keeps moving around the painting to the door handle and light in the background. An ambitious and well-executed undertaking. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA


Third Place

"Autumn Marsh - Proverbs 2-2" by Thomas Kegler

“Autumn Marsh – Proverbs 2-2” by Thomas Kegler

Autumn Marsh: Proverbs 2:2 by Thomas Kegler
30 x 40 Oil

Judge’s Comments: We’ve all stood somewhere similar to this spot and been awed by the hushed beauty at the cusp of the day. Thomas captured not only the look but the spirit of that moment – you can feel the emotion emanate from the canvas. Just enough detail on the grasses in the foreground and a lovely sense of mystery as detail and warmth diminishes into the background. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"The Burden of Knowledge" by Michael DeVore

“The Burden of Knowledge” by Michael DeVore

The Burden of Knowledge by Michael DeVore
32 x 36 Oil

Judge’s Comments: Another emotional painting- I love the sense of intrigue–What’s he reading? What’s tormenting him? The painting on the wall in the background is a nice touch to add to the story. Incredible draftsmanship and just enough soft edges to keep it from feeling too brittle. Lovely color harmonies. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Sign of Spring" by Nikolo Balkanski

“Sign of Spring” by Nikolo Balkanski

Sign of Spring by Nikolo Balkanski
20 x 30 Oil

Judge’s Comments: Beautiful play of temperatures – you feel both the chill of the snow and warmth of the weak spring sun. Great drawing and depiction of “junk” – turning the mundane into art. I looked at this painting a long time before I noticed the fox next to the building – a great pay-off to the viewer without taking over the theme of the painting. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Sorolla's Studio: On Wings of Art" by Ray Hassard

“Sorolla’s Studio: On Wings of Art” by Ray Hassard

On Wings of Art: Sorolla’s Studio by Ray Hassard
20 x 24 Oil

Judge’s Comments: I must admit that any depiction of Sorolla’s studio would get my attention, but the execution of this piece elevates the scene from just a snapshot to a work of art. Lovely indication of Sorolla’s paintings in the background. Great design- the triangulation of the bright white color keeps the eye moving through the painting. That half-figure on the left looking into the painting is a bold and effective addition. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Mercato Nuovo in Rain (Firenze) No. 2" by James Crandall

“Mercato Nuovo in Rain (Firenze) No. 2” by James Crandall

Mercato Nuovo in Rain (Firenze) No. 2 by James Crandall
24 x 30 Oil

Judge’s Comments: I love the implied areas in this painting – the darks on the left and the signs behind the figures on the right. Lovely paint quality and brushwork. The warm accents from the incandescent lights play beautifully against the cooler natural light. Wonderful indication of wetness on the pavement. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Blue and White Ginger Jar" by Christine Saper

“Blue and White Ginger Jar” by Christine Saper

Blue and White Ginger Jar by Christine Saper
10 x 8 Oil

Judge’s Comments: Above and beyond the subject matter, this painting engages with the viewer with strong brushwork and luscious paint. I stopped thinking about a ginger jar and an apple and instead followed the tracks of the artist through her strong brushwork. Fresh and energetic! – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Apotheosis" by Alan Larkin

“Apotheosis” by Alan Larkin

Apotheosis by Alan Larkin
20 x 16 Oil

Judge’s Comments: I kept coming back to this painting again and again – the various textures and unique subject matter grabbed my attention. Beautiful rendering of the elephant and dynamic lighting. A head-turner. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Early Birds, Winter Park Farmers Market" by Stacy Barter

“Early Birds, Winter Park Farmers Market” by Stacy Barter

Early Birds, Winter Park Farmers Market by Stacy Barter
24 x 30 Oil

Judge’s Comments: You need sunglasses to look at this painting! Wonderful feeling of light. Beautiful sense of time and place and accurately-depicted figures. Just enough detail to tell us what’s going on without losing that sense of blinding morning light. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Little Artist" by Randolph Peay

“Little Artist” by Randolph Peay

Little Artist by Randolph Peay
30 x 20 Oil

Judge’s Comments: Great design and paint quality! I love the way the bear almost blends into the background, focusing our eye on the little girl. Sweet without being too sentimental. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"The Horse Before The Cart" by Elizabeth Pollie

“The Horse Before The Cart” by Elizabeth Pollie

The Horse Before The Cart by Elizabeth Pollie
24 x 30 Oil

Judge’s Comments: Intriguing textures – those little glints of red/orange coming through make for a lively painting.Good solid drawing and I love the temperature shifts in the indication of the bricks on the wall. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

Honorable Mention

"Brother Afar" by Jacob Neagle

“Brother Afar” by Jacob Neagle

Brother Afar by Jacob Neagle
22 x 28 Oil

Judge’s Comments: In addition to depicting a very moving subject matter, this piece is beautifully painted. The warm underpainting showing through provides unity throughout the work, and the thicker paint on the figure’s face creates a convincing sense of depth. Great textures and subtle color shifts in the background shadow. – Kathleen Dunphy, OPA

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