On Workshops – Can’t get there? Bring ’em here!


So many great artists, so many great places to see them, just not possible? Bring them to you! If you're like me, and most artists I know, you dream of going away to a workshop to immerse yourself for a week (or more) coming back full ... Read More...

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Workshops, Workshops, Workshops…

Teaching in the Studio

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been formally trained or not, or how long you have been painting: if you feel stuck or uninspired as an artist, it can help to take a workshop. If you’ve never taken a workshop before and are now considering ... Read More...

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A Week Painting at Scottsdale Art School with Milt Kobayashi

Milt Kobayashi

Nancy Boren was the proud winner of the $500 Shirl Smithson Scholarship. Click here to learn more about the Shirl Smithson Scholarship. Last December, I was fortunate to be selected for a $500 scholarship from OPA to use toward ... Read More...

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The Traveling Artist

Ryan Brown, Barack and me, Shelli Alford

After my youngest went off to boarding school a little over a year ago, I decided to create a new job for myself. The very-tall-order job I created was to become a “Traveling Artist.” The job description: learn how to paint like a master ... Read More...

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Workshops, Classes, and Demos

"Last Lotus" by Richard M. Dziak OPA

As I’m sure most of you have noticed is that there has been a tremendous increase in workshops just about anywhere you may live. And, I would venture to say that painting in oil workshops may have started to, or already have, overcome the ... Read More...

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