5 Stages of Painting

"Taking the Lead" by Jane Barton 12x16

Artists know that, in spite of what people think, creating a good painting is not a day on the playground. Some days are easier that others, but mostly it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get what you want to say on the ... Read More...

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Challenging Painter’s Block

"Plans for Christmas" by Susan Abma

Here’s a few ideas to think about whenever you get a creative block and find you ‘just can’t paint right now.’ There’s no guarantees, but they just might work, so it could be worth a try… 1. Paint your favorite drink – whether it’s a cup ... Read More...

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Inspiration And Motivation: The Prelude To Success

"Coastal Concert" 16x16 by Bill Davidson OPA

One of the greatest joys of painting is my artist friends and the beauty we are privileged to see and create. We all must struggle some but the difference is that successful painters find a way of keeping motivation ahead of the meaningful ... Read More...

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The Art of Survival in the Survival of Art

Bill Farnsworth - Dawns Early Light

Since the Great Recession hit, most artists have been impacted. Collectors cut back on luxury items and art is at the top of the list. Workshop enrollment is down as well, and if you teach a lot of workshops that can be a big impact. Some ... Read More...

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Preserving My Dreams

"Music Man" by Wanda Choate OPA

Ola!  What a great idea, and how much I enjoy and grow and am empowered by reading the thoughts, musings, and experiences of these real and great painters. Reading Alan Wolton’s post (once I drove from Nashville to an obscure barn way ... Read More...

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The Price of Success

"Red Roses And Wedgewood" by Kathy Anderson OPA

We all define success differently but I think there is one common element that tells us that we have achieved something, and at the same time can easily becomes a burden that starts to interfere with our art.  To define it in one word, it ... Read More...

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