Tampa Paintout

TampaPaintout Featured Image

Artists came from a one hundred mile radius to attend the Santaella Studios for the ARTS first OPA Paint Out, hosted by, OPA Member Kerry Vosler. This historic neighborhood is over one hundred years old and is undergoing a time of ... Read More...

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Fasten Your Seat Belts He’s a very Jovial Gent

Allan Duerr and Harley Brown Interview

Notes from the Harley Brown, Allan Duerr Interview By Howard Friedland Attendees at the 2010 Oil Painters of America National Show in Scottsdale were treated to an informative and extremely entertaining experience. I don't use the word ... Read More...

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Bryce Cameron Liston Interview

An Aura of Fragrances by Bryce Cameron Liston OPA

“Being an artist and painting the human figure is what compels me. It wakes me up at night, it’s what I love and I drive myself to do it very well. Art is my lifelong obsession, pleasure, and torment.” One thing I have learned about Bryce ... Read More...

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Roger Dale Brown Interview


One would need to have lived in a cave, isolated from humanity, to have not heard of Roger Dale Brown. In a recent article in Nashville Arts Magazine, Brown is recognized as the ‘go to’ guy of the South when it comes to teaching plein air ... Read More...

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The Hand of a Master: Portrait Demo by Mian Situ

Mian Situ and his model

Any artist knows that seeing a master-craftsman demonstrate his/her skills in person is one of the most effective ways to learn about techniques, strategies, and concepts. Just as significantly as seeing a quality artwork created are the ... Read More...

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Taking Flight: Tips for the Winged-Artist

Flying with Oil Putnam Bag Zipped

"How do you pack when you are taking a trip to Europe?" I get asked that a lot. My first thought is always, "The same way I pack for (readers, insert your favorite U.S. painting destination here.) I'm not sure what it is about going over a ... Read More...

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How Important is it to really Know your subject?

SoileauOPA-Hodges-Crashing Waves on Sweeping Rocks-12x24 oil on linen-exhibited 2012 Eastern Regional OPA exhibition

I am often asked the question, “Is it important to really know the subject you are painting inside and out.” First let me say that it certainly does not hurt to know the subject, but artists can paint subjects that interest them without ... Read More...

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Ponderings from an Oil Manufacturer

Colleen-Maxey-Scenic Brook in Northumberland near Unison

I am writing this from an express train traveling from London to Edinburgh. It is the third week of January and the snow is unusually deep here in Britain. I am on an adventure from my home base at Jack Richeson and Co., Inc.in Kimberly ... Read More...

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David Gluck Interview

"There's always one in the crowd", as the saying goes...and Canadian artist David Gluck is the one. When I received his responses to my interview questions, I found myself laughing out loud. I also realized that when you encounter a ... Read More...

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