Selling your Art without selling your soul

Bill Farnsworth "Chewin' the fat" Oil 24 x 36

Choosing to make your art career a full time occupation that pays your bills has always been a daunting challenge. In the past parents discouraged their kids from becoming an artist because many starve. Thus starving artist. But if this ... Read More...

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It’s Just Paint and Canvas

"Perihelion" by Rick Delanty, 24x24

What is the true “market value” of a painting? How does a potential collector know that a fair price is being offered? After all, the price can be negotiated... It’s not like a car, a stereo system, or a suit jacket that contains technical ... Read More...

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Paints, Brushes and Facebook Supports

OPA Facebook Page

Facebook could be as important to artists as their favorite supplies. I sensed this when the general manager of a prestigious Scottsdale gallery told me that when all else failed, Facebook helped him locate an artist he wanted to invite ... Read More...

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Important Website Considerations for Artists: Part 1 of 3

Web Design for Oil Painters

There is no law that requires you to have a website, no one is forcing you to use a cell phone and no one mandates that you drive a car. But each of these are tools and technologies that enhance the quality of life around us, to the ... Read More...

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