Ponderings from an Oil Manufacturer

Colleen-Maxey-Scenic Brook in Northumberland near Unison

I am writing this from an express train traveling from London to Edinburgh. It is the third week of January and the snow is unusually deep here in Britain. I am on an adventure from my home base at Jack Richeson and Co., Inc.in Kimberly ... Read More...

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Marc Hanson Interview

"Painting from life, plein air if outside, is critical and necessary to me for what I want out of myself and out of my Art". This Marc Hanson guy is a pretty interesting fellow. Not only is he a really good artist but he expresses his ... Read More...

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The Spirit Forges Ahead While the Brain Has To Figure It Out

"Stepping Out" by Nancy Boren

A few years ago, I was fortunate to be involved in an unexpected conversation one day at my studio with an artist friend. I didn’t know when we started talking that the next few minutes would so significantly sharpen my understanding of one ... Read More...

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Uber Umbers and Other Colors from the Earth

"Cleopatras Garden" by Margret Short OPA

Throughout the ages since the very first scrawls were made in caves and tribal hunting events were recorded on walls, people have been using colors made of ochres, umbers, madders, bugs, mummies, minerals, shells, iron oxides, and plants. ... Read More...

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