Len Cutter Interview


Q. How did you discover you wanted to sell fine art? After operating a large gift shop, we noticed one day that the sales of small prints from local artists were outselling all other items combined. It was an easy decision and we, as a ... Read More...

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OPA National Speakers


The OPA 24th Annual National Exhibition & Convention will be held in St. Augustine, Florida at Cutter & Cutter Fine Art’s Brilliance in Color Gallery April 29 – May 3, 2015. OPA member Eve Albrecht was able to chat with two of our ... Read More...

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Getting into the Demos


The OPA Twenty-Fourth Annual National Exhibition in St. Augustine is showcasing several of today's most successful artists. Expect their demos to be motivating. Demos persuade us to experiment, to change, and to energize our own practice. ... Read More...

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Interview with Huihan Liu, Juror of 24th National OPA Exhibition


Born in Guangzhou, China in 1952, Huihan Liu has become a master signature member of both the Oil Painters of America, and the American Impressionist Society and an artist signature member of California art Club. Huihan Liu was trained in ... Read More...

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Career Building Advice for Any Level


First of all I would like to start out by making it very clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an artist who chooses NOT to turn making art into a “career.” It in no way makes them less of an artist; it only means they are not ... Read More...

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Getting the Vision


In many ways, making a good painting is like walking a tightrope. The particular tightrope I’m thinking of is the one with the Abyss of Unbridled Creativity on one side and the Chasm of Static Rendering on the other. If we ignore the ... Read More...

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You know, life is just that way. I guess the title for this post could be many common expressions: the glass is half full, two sides to the coin, etc. Trite but true. It's about perspective. Choices. Focus. Discipline. As artists, we ... Read More...

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The Best Therapy


If your life is at all like mine then you sometimes feel like a juggler. Working on marketing efforts, following through on commitments to gallery and portrait clients, preparing to travel, being away, and getting home and back into the ... Read More...

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Painting from Memory


You’re driving down the highway, perhaps through the hills of west Texas (where I live) and the sun is just beginning to take its bow for the day. Imagine the scene. Just over the next hill you see the most gorgeous group of trees with the ... Read More...

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