More than Ordinary


In Robert Henri’s classic book “The Art Spirit,” he speaks of “more than ordinary moments of existence." A spontaneous trip to Madrid with my artist friend Jim Aplin led to such a moment. Actually it was a series of moments over a period ... Read More...

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The Art of Gradation


One of the more overlooked technical devices in creating a painting with sophisticated interest, is gradation. Although it is easy to think of gradation in terms of color or value, by extending your gradation vocabulary in all aspects of ... Read More...

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On Workshops – Can’t get there? Bring ‘em here!


So many great artists, so many great places to see them, just not possible? Bring them to you! If you're like me, and most artists I know, you dream of going away to a workshop to immerse yourself for a week (or more) coming back full ... Read More...

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My Favorite Photo-Editing Tool: Instagram. Right on your Phone.


There are moments when I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for the iPhone and Instagram to be invented. I so often see things that catch my eye—everyday scenes, sweet little compositions, visually appealing scenes I notice. My ... Read More...

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Debra Joy Groesser Interview

Debra Joy Groesser

Debra Groesser is a signature member of the American Impressionist Society, American Plains Artists, and Plein Air Artists Colorado. She's an associate member of the Oil Painters of America, and American Women Artists...and she's on the ... Read More...

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The Value of Color Charts


My advice—my plea to you—is to do the charts for your sake. (Do not use mine.) The charts are not a sure-fire gimmick guaranteed to make you a color wizard, but they are the best way I know of to understand your pigments and enter the ... Read More...

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Highlights and Specularity


Highlights can give snap and sparkle to a subject, but they’re not just a bunch of white dots scattered across your picture. Under what circumstances do highlights appear? Where on the form should they be placed? How should they be painted? ... Read More...

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Mobile Masters Make Art Instruction Accesible to Artist Anywhere


CLAYTON J. BECK III-AN ARTIST WITH CHARACTER FIGURE PAINTING WORKSHOP AT THE WOODLANDS ART LEAGUE, Sept. 8th-12th/14 The Woodlands Art League, , a 30+ year old, nonprofit visual art organization that operates ... Read More...

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What’s the Concept?


Paul Strisik was a master artist and teacher. He authored a couple of important books: The Art of Landscape Painting and Capturing Light in Oils. I believe you will find his views about painting helpful. Foremost, before beginning a ... Read More...

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