My Favorite Thing – Barbara Schilling


About 8 years ago I purchased an inventory program for my Mac. It has been indispensable. The particular app that I bought is no longer available, so I hesitated to bring it up as the best tool I've got for my business, but there are other ... Read More...

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The Importance of Edges

When I first began painting and I had been told that correct edgework was something that could make or break a painting, I would have had no idea what that meant.  Today after a few years of painting I believe that to be true. As Mr. ... Read More...

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Notan Sketch VS. iPhone 6


"Notan" is a Japanese term referring to exploring the harmony between light and dark. Artists use Notan sketches to explore the composition elements of a scene and the relationship of major shapes. A good Notan drawing simplifies a scene ... Read More...

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Getting the Most Out of Your Camera


Just about every representational artist knows the benefits of painting from life. The naked eye can see far more than a camera and constantly adjusts for each lighting situation. Our other senses tell us if it’s windy, hot, cold, and ... Read More...

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My Favorite Thing – Lori Putnam


Solvent Free Gel by Gamblin Artist Colors is one of my very favorite things. It is odorless, CLEAR, and thick enough to hold a good heavy paint stroke. It loads well on the brush and I love the way the paint feels when I lay it on the ... Read More...

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The Pace Race


Like any vital, living thing, the art world is ever evolving. In the distant past, paintings were accomplished in the studio by painstaking application of layers of paint over a period of sometimes years. In the not-so-distant past, the ... Read More...

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Painting the Perfect Subject


Is there such a thing—the “perfect” subject to paint-- on any given day? Like song-choice for a musician, the subject an artist chooses to paint carries his/her personality, abilities and message to the viewers who will see it. ... Read More...

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My Favorite Thing – Thomas Jefferson Kitts


The Ubiquitous All-purpose Palette Knife When I first saw this palette knife in the hands of Richard Schmid a lightbulb went off. Years later, I have found this knife to be the most useful tool ever. I can rapidly mix my colors and paint ... Read More...

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How far into your artist career did you start answering to the ever-present question, “What do you do?” with a smile and an assertive reply “I AM AN ARTIST”? This is a query I presented to all my mentors at the beginning of my artistic ... Read More...

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