Johanna Harmon Interview

Johanna Harmon Interview Featured Image

For Johanna Harmon, art is a beautifully timeless, skillful, poetic, abstract, and deeply felt visual concept. Using her remarkable skill, it’s her desire to fearlessly explore the mystery of her subjects, and to do that with sensitivity, ... Read More...

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OPA 2013 Eastern Regional Exhibition Juror Comments

Eastern Regional Featured Image

In anticipation of OPA's upcoming 2014 Eastern Regional Exhibition, we're presenting juror comments from last year's exhibition. Nancy Howe OPAM, juror for the 2013 Eastern Regional Exhibition, was kind enough to offer detailed notes on ... Read More...

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John Hulsey PBS Interview

John-Hulsey-PBS-Interview Featured Image Thanks to John Hulsey for permission to use this content. Artist John Hulsey demonstrates the art of plein aire painting as he paints the bluffs along the Missouri River. Eighth generation Floridian and environmental ... Read More...

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Cincinnati Paintout

Cincinnati-Paintout Featured Image

The OPA Paint Out experience was absolutely WONDERFUL! I enjoyed hosting the event and would do it again in a heart beat. The best part of it all was meeting with the artists, listening to what they had to say, seeing what they painted and ... Read More...

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2013 Fall Online Showcase Winners Spotlight

2013-Fall-Online-Showcase Featured Image

Adam Clague Adam Clague Adam Clague studied at Pensacola Christian College, where he received instruction from master artist Brian Jekel and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree. Adam now lives near Kansas City, Missouri and enjoys the ... Read More...

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Tampa Paintout

TampaPaintout Featured Image

Artists came from a one hundred mile radius to attend the Santaella Studios for the ARTS first OPA Paint Out, hosted by, OPA Member Kerry Vosler. This historic neighborhood is over one hundred years old and is undergoing a time of ... Read More...

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Packing Paintings for Galleries & Shows

Packing-Paintings Featured Img

Packing Paintings for Galleries & Shows By Susan Blackwood Here is an excellent way to pack your paintings for shipping. It is reusable, relatively inexpensive and extremely sturdy. Your galleries will love it and so will OPA and ... Read More...

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A Venetian Methods Oil Painter

"A Pear Dressed For Dessert" by Susan Budash

As a visual artist I’ve created images in Silkscreen, Intaglio, Lithography, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Acrylics and Oils and in a variety of methods, primarily Direct Painting (Alla Prima) and genre, but I always felt drawn to the visual ... Read More...

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On Growing As a Painter

Still with Moon

It’s never too late to be who you might have been. ---George Eliot By now you understand the act of painting is considered, intentional and best undertaken with a concept each time you go to the easel. Many of us were lead to ... Read More...

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