The Beauty Of The Brain


How would you define a beautiful piece of artwork? Would you say, “It takes years to study aesthetic in art!” or ask, "Is appreciating a simple orange utterly different than judging a masterpiece of artwork?" Debating what is ... Read More...

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Packing Paintings for Galleries & Shows

Packing-Paintings Featured Img

Packing Paintings for Galleries & Shows By Susan Blackwood Here is an excellent way to pack your paintings for shipping. It is reusable, relatively inexpensive and extremely sturdy. Your galleries will love it and so will OPA and ... Read More...

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An Insight Into the Modernist Movement/Look to Children’s Art


Not unlike the vast majority of OPA members, I displayed a talent in drawing and painting at a very young age. My earliest training comprised drawing from life, learning perspective, shading (value studies) and composition. All of which ... Read More...

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Artistic Goals

Painted Canyon 22x44_small1

The First of Three Elements of One Artist Goal Plan By Roger Dale Brown, OPA This article is the first of three, in which I will outline the way I set goals for my business. My goals include: artistic, marketing, and business. Setting ... Read More...

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Framing: Choosing, Fixing & Shipping


With Dave and Jim Fidler, owners, Classic Gallery Frames and OPA President Neil Patterson OPAM TYPES OF FRAMES: There are a number of different types of frames.  The Hudson River School has an ornamental and gilded appearance.  The Whistler ... Read More...

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Legally Protecting Your Artwork


Attorney Bill Frazier, who specializes in art-related legal issues, spoke to OPA artists at the national exhibition in Fredericksburg, Texas. He told the audience that it is very important to have a written agreement rather than just a ... Read More...

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The Hand of a Master: Portrait Demo by Mian Situ

Mian Situ and his model

Any artist knows that seeing a master-craftsman demonstrate his/her skills in person is one of the most effective ways to learn about techniques, strategies, and concepts. Just as significantly as seeing a quality artwork created are the ... Read More...

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Authenticity, Creativity and the Quest for a Singular Vision

Chart Your Abilities

Summary by Susan Blackwood OPA based on OPA 2013 National Exhibition presentation by Joe Paquet Joe was our first speaker to kick off the fabulous weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas. His excellent, inspirational and powerful talk flew ... Read More...

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Classical (Classic) Realism – Part 3

David Hardy – The Ginger Jar – 12″x 12″ – Oil

A three-part series that highlights the origins and resurgence of Classic Realism and its importance to the 21st century artist. In concluding this three-part interview series on Classic Realism, I want to thank our three participants: ... Read More...

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