Len Cutter Interview


Q. How did you discover you wanted to sell fine art? After operating a large gift shop, we noticed one day that the sales of small prints from local artists were outselling all other items combined. It was an easy decision and we, as a ... Read More...

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Finding (and Keeping) Your Muse

"Puddle Jumping" by Kirsten Savage

Andrew Wyeth created a series of 240 paintings and drawings of his German neighbor, Helga Testorf. Picasso painted photographer and poet, Dora Maar, repeatedly during their nine year love affair. Modern day oil painter, Jeremy Lipking, ... Read More...

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Selling your Art without selling your soul

Bill Farnsworth "Chewin' the fat" Oil 24 x 36

Choosing to make your art career a full time occupation that pays your bills has always been a daunting challenge. In the past parents discouraged their kids from becoming an artist because many starve. Thus starving artist. But if this ... Read More...

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Legally Protecting Your Artwork


Attorney Bill Frazier, who specializes in art-related legal issues, spoke to OPA artists at the national exhibition in Fredericksburg, Texas. He told the audience that it is very important to have a written agreement rather than just a ... Read More...

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Moving Beyond The Receipt Shoebox: Practical Accounting And Administration For Artists

Business Organizing for Artists

Presented by OPA Signature Member Kurt Anderson at the 2010 Oil Painters of America National Exhibition. General Rules for Good Organization All artists should keep track of their expenses.  They are deductible and will save on ... Read More...

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Free Ways to Promote Your Paintings: Part I – Press Releases

Press Release

Okay, we are kidding ourselves if we think that there isn’t a business side to art.  There is and, as you know, artists need to wear many hats in order to have a growing career.  One of those hats is “Marketing and Promoting your ... Read More...

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How to Keep Track of Shows That You Want to Enter (and Not Miss the Deadlines)

Binder Closed

In 1998 artist Howard Friedland and I were married. Right away we could see that keeping track of two artist’s deadlines could quickly get out of control. So I devised a simple system for both of us to keep track of our paperwork. Yes, we ... Read More...

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Dealing with the Distasteful aspects of Self Promotion

"Early Morning" by Hodges Soileau OPA, 9x15

The issue of successfully promoting one’s efforts is one that has always given me great pause. I know the importance of not being out of sight for to long….out of sight out of mind. Unfortunately, things move so quickly now that any ... Read More...

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It’s Just Paint and Canvas

"Perihelion" by Rick Delanty, 24x24

What is the true “market value” of a painting? How does a potential collector know that a fair price is being offered? After all, the price can be negotiated... It’s not like a car, a stereo system, or a suit jacket that contains technical ... Read More...

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