Painting the Perfect Subject


Is there such a thing—the “perfect” subject to paint-- on any given day? Like song-choice for a musician, the subject an artist chooses to paint carries his/her personality, abilities and message to the viewers who will see it. ... Read More...

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The Hand of a Master: Portrait Demo by Mian Situ

Mian Situ and his model

Any artist knows that seeing a master-craftsman demonstrate his/her skills in person is one of the most effective ways to learn about techniques, strategies, and concepts. Just as significantly as seeing a quality artwork created are the ... Read More...

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What can an artist do about it?

"Blessing, Malachi 3:10" by Rick Delanty, 24" x 24"

Any American would have been shocked by it: the senseless murders of three spectators in the bombings fifty yards apart at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15th; over 250 injured, at least eight of them children; the death of ... Read More...

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It’s Just Paint and Canvas

"Perihelion" by Rick Delanty, 24x24

What is the true “market value” of a painting? How does a potential collector know that a fair price is being offered? After all, the price can be negotiated... It’s not like a car, a stereo system, or a suit jacket that contains technical ... Read More...

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What is FINE art?

"Horseshoe Falls" by Rick J. Delanty, 36x48

Keith Bond, fine landscape painter at, has raised several interesting questions for artists in his recent post regarding “Fine Art v. Illustration.”   As a landscape painter myself, I admire Keith’s work, as he ... Read More...

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