2013 Fall Online Showcase Winners Spotlight

2013-Fall-Online-Showcase Featured Image

Adam Clague Adam Clague Adam Clague studied at Pensacola Christian College, where he received instruction from master artist Brian Jekel and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree. Adam now lives near Kansas City, Missouri and enjoys the ... Read More...

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Tampa Paintout

TampaPaintout Featured Image

Artists came from a one hundred mile radius to attend the Santaella Studios for the ARTS first OPA Paint Out, hosted by, OPA Member Kerry Vosler. This historic neighborhood is over one hundred years old and is undergoing a time of ... Read More...

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OPA 2013 Eastern Exhibition Winner Spotlight

"Gaze" by Mary Qian

The OPA 2013 Eastern Exhibition was hosted at the McBride Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland and featured some of the most prominent artists of our day. We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the award winners at this exciting ... Read More...

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2013 Summer Online Showcase Winners Spotlight

"Abandoned" by Frankie Johnson

Gia Elisa Stamps Holderman Elisa Holdermen was awarded Second Place, a $1,500 cash award, made possible thanks to Dorothy Driehaus Mellin and the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, for the oil painting entitled “Waiting” Ever since I can ... Read More...

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How to Prepare a Winning Portfolio


Interview notes by Elizabeth Robbins Panel of Three of Scottsdale’s Finest Gallery DirectorsArtists eagerly poured into the lecture room to hear what Scott Eubanks (Gallery Russia), Scott Jones (Legacy Gallery), and Beth Lauterback ... Read More...

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Framing: Choosing, Fixing & Shipping


With Dave and Jim Fidler, owners, Classic Gallery Frames and OPA President Neil Patterson OPAM TYPES OF FRAMES: There are a number of different types of frames.  The Hudson River School has an ornamental and gilded appearance.  The Whistler ... Read More...

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2013 Summer Online Showcase Winners Spotlight – Nikolo Balkanski

"Sophie" by Nikolo Balkanski

Nikolo Balkanski received the First Place Award of $3,000 cash for his painting of "Sophie" entered in the OPA Summer 2013 Online Showcase.Nikolo Balkanski's paintings bring his European origin and training ot his art, and his ... Read More...

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Moving Beyond The Receipt Shoebox: Practical Accounting And Administration For Artists

Business Organizing for Artists

Presented by OPA Signature Member Kurt Anderson at the 2010 Oil Painters of America National Exhibition. General Rules for Good Organization All artists should keep track of their expenses.  They are deductible and will save on ... Read More...

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2013 National Exhibition Winner Spotlight

Johanna Harmon

The OPA 2013 National Exhibition was an exciting event with a brilliant display of skill and oil painting mastery. We'd like to introduce you to a few of our National Exhibition Winners. Meet Tom L. Nachreiner, winner of the Dorothy ... Read More...

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