Pigments, Painters and Thieves

ames E Butterworth, c1870

A Random Guide to Entertaining Books, Fact and Fiction, that Reveal Minutia, Mysterious Happenings, Tangled Webs, and Outright Larceny, all Engendered by What You May be Creating at this very Moment: Art. While we are all familiar with the ... Read More...

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A Week Painting at Scottsdale Art School with Milt Kobayashi

Milt Kobayashi

Nancy Boren was the proud winner of the $500 Shirl Smithson Scholarship. Click here to learn more about the Shirl Smithson Scholarship. Last December, I was fortunate to be selected for a $500 scholarship from OPA to use toward ... Read More...

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The Spirit Forges Ahead While the Brain Has To Figure It Out

"Stepping Out" by Nancy Boren

A few years ago, I was fortunate to be involved in an unexpected conversation one day at my studio with an artist friend. I didn’t know when we started talking that the next few minutes would so significantly sharpen my understanding of one ... Read More...

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