Is There A Heaven For Paintings?

Geranium Row

I’ve painted so many bad paintings. I know I’m not alone. Ned Jacobs once admitted in a lecture to a packed audience of admiring artists and collectors that he probably only saved ONE in FIFTY paintings or sketches. The crowd gasped in ... Read More...

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5 Stages of Painting

"Taking the Lead" by Jane Barton 12x16

Artists know that, in spite of what people think, creating a good painting is not a day on the playground. Some days are easier that others, but mostly it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get what you want to say on the ... Read More...

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Art in Cuba and the Traveling Painter

"Pit Stop" by Jane Barton

There are no starving artists in Cuba. One reason for this is that each person receives food from the government each month: one quarter of a chicken, 5 eggs and 5 pounds each of rice, black beans and sugar. (Sugar is cheap in Cuba and ... Read More...

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Practicing Art

"Saturday Wash" by Jane Barton

It has always struck me as odd that physicians “practice” medicine. Aren’t they ever done? Of course not--doctors are required to learn new things--they must keep up with the latest science and treatments. With this in mind, I decided to ... Read More...

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