Fasten Your Seat Belts He’s a very Jovial Gent

Allan Duerr and Harley Brown Interview

Notes from the Harley Brown, Allan Duerr Interview By Howard Friedland Attendees at the 2010 Oil Painters of America National Show in Scottsdale were treated to an informative and extremely entertaining experience. I don't use the word ... Read More...

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A summary of Scott Burdick’s presentation entitled “The Banishment of Beauty”

Banishment of Beauty

Summary by Howard Friedland OPA, based on "The Banishment of Beauty" by Scott Burdick In the second half of the Twentieth Century, the general public has, in great measure, “bought into” the misconception that skill, craft and -- yes, ... Read More...

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Making Your Own Linen Panels


Commercially made linen or cotton canvas panels are available, and they are very nice. However, making them yourself will save you money and they really don’t take very long to make. Here are the materials that you will need with step by ... Read More...

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