How Important is it to really Know your subject?

SoileauOPA-Hodges-Crashing Waves on Sweeping Rocks-12x24 oil on linen-exhibited 2012 Eastern Regional OPA exhibition

I am often asked the question, “Is it important to really know the subject you are painting inside and out.” First let me say that it certainly does not hurt to know the subject, but artists can paint subjects that interest them without ... Read More...

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Dealing with the Distasteful aspects of Self Promotion

"Early Morning" by Hodges Soileau OPA, 9x15

The issue of successfully promoting one’s efforts is one that has always given me great pause. I know the importance of not being out of sight for to long….out of sight out of mind. Unfortunately, things move so quickly now that any ... Read More...

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Personalities and Temperaments in Art

Street Fiddler (16"x24") by Hodges Soileau OPA

Do Artists’ Personalities and Temperaments dictate the Styles and Subjects they choose to express themselves?      I usually do not think about things like this question on a daily basis, unless it comes up in a discussion.  I am not a ... Read More...

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