OPA Guest Bloggers

OPA Bloggers are selected from active and distinguished figures in the art community.  They volunteer their time, effort and experience to shed light on topics that are most valuable and important to artists in the fine art realm.

Each week we will present new posts from our bloggers and offer an opportunity for you to respond and interact with some of the best and brightest in oil painting.

Currently, bloggers are being hand-selected, but if you are interested in writing for the OPA Blog or have a particular topic you are interested in writing or learning about, feel free to submit an article.

We make no guarantees regarding what is published, but welcome any interested parties.

Select an author below to read the biographies of our OPA Guest Bloggers:

  • Aimee Erickson
  • Alan Wolton OPAM
  • Anna Rose Bain
  • Barbara Schilling
  • Betty Gates OPA
  • Bill Davidson OPA
  • Bill Farnsworth OPA
  • Brenda Howell
  • Brian Steck
  • Bruce I. Petrie, Jr.
  • Cathy Dietrich
  • Charles Cox OPA
  • Charles Movalli OPAM
  • Colleen Richeson Maxey
  • Craig Shillam
  • Deborah Elmquist
  • Diana Moses Botkin
  • Doug Higgins OPAM
  • Fran Ellisor
  • Hilda Rueda
  • Hodges Soileau OPA
  • Howard Friedland OPA
  • James E. Tennison
  • James Gurney
  • James W Bruce Jr. OPA
  • Jane S. Barton
  • John Hulsey
  • John Pototschnik OPA
  • Joyce Pike OPAM
  • Judy Crowe
  • Julie Gilbert Pollard
  • Kathleen Dunphy OPA
  • Kathy Anderson OPA
  • Kim Abbati
  • Kim Carlton
  • Kirsten Savage
  • Laura Lewis
  • Lori Putnam
  • M. Kathryn Massey OPA
  • Margret Short OPA
  • Marie-Eve Lauzier
  • Matt Linz
  • Michelle Dunaway
  • Nancy Boren
  • Nancy Howe OPAM
  • Patsy Ledbetter OPA
  • Richard Christian Nelson
  • Richard Dziak OPA
  • Rick J. Delanty
  • Roger Dale Brown OPA
  • Rosanna Hardin Hall
  • Rosemary Carstens
  • Rusty Jones
  • Shelli Alford
  • Susan Abma
  • Susan Blackwood OPA
  • Susan E. Budash
  • Thomas Jefferson Kitts
  • Tina Garrett
  • Tom Schmidt
  • Wanda Choate OPA
  • William Schneider OPA

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